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DATEV Customer Remote Support Service

Our DATEV client remote support service supports the online collaboration between us as your consultant and you as the customer.

This remote support software enables a direct connection to be established between 2 PCS via any internet access point. Our customer remote support offers remote access, i.e. the remote PC can be viewed and controlled. It also features a presentation mode through which the customer's screen can be presented to the counterpart via the internet. Furthermore, data can be exchanged during an active session and connection. Customer remote support is not installed on your PC but can be downloaded from our downloads area.

When you are invited to a remote support session or if you want to follow a presentation of your counterpart you select the customer module. This means that your PC will be controlled remotely.

Download the customer module directly from the DATEV website. Here you will also find more information on system requirements and their application.

Customer Remote Support Service customer module (for Windows)
Customer Remote Support Service customer module (for macOS)

DATEV Upload and SmartLogin App

Simply photograph receipts and upload them immediately and securely to the electronic receipt archive - the DATEV Upload app enables this even when on the move.

Paper documents to be audit-proof archived in the DATEV data center are usually digitized by scanners. With DATEV Upload mobile this can also be done via a smartphone. The user can thus easily capture the document at source. This is particularly practical for documents for very small cash sums. Receipts for car parking, the receipt for cleaning materials bought in the supermarket, petrol or postage receipts are immediately available via this new method.

DATEV Mobile Upload

The DATEV Mobile Upload app allows you to photograph documents with your Smartphone and upload them along with other digital documents to DATEV Unternehmen Online.

To use DATEV Mobile Upload you need:

  • A Smartphone with a camera (iOS or Android)
  • DATEV SmartLogin for secure authentication

Apple App Store   Google Play Store

DATEV SmartLogin

DATEV SmartLogin is the key to your secure data in the DATEV Unternehmen Online world.

When you register with the online portal, scan your QR code with your SmartLogin app and you are registered!

DATEV SmartLogin as an authentication medium is free of charge for all DATEV users. Further information can be found here.

Apple App Store   Google Play Store

Important Documentation and Forms

We will support you in meeting the high formal requirements of financial administration. Use the templates here. If you notice that something is missing, call us!

Financial Accounting

Property Tax

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