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„Is it all about money?

Zahn & Zahn Stands For...

  • Facts and Figures

    Figures are not just figures at Zahn & Zahn but a tax instrument which can release your potential and bring you into your own.

  • Drive And Taking Action

    We are driven by progress – the progress of our customers as well as our own. We are committed to creativity and innovation, particularly when it comes to digitisation. Our passion for all things new, our pioneering spirit and drive all form the basis for the financial success of our clients, thus contributing towards the ultimate goal of enhancing your personal quality of life.

  • Hand On Heart And A Sense Of Humour

    With over 20 highly valued staff we are a large family, and we consider ourselves as a part of your team. We work with our instinct, hands and a sense of humour, all made possible due to our flat hierarchy.

  • Proximity And Sustainability

    At Zahn & Zahn the customer is always our first priority. We invest our time and energy in people, because looking people in the eye and establishing a genuine, sustainable connection with our customers, partners and employees is what differentiates us from others.

  • Future Goals

    Regardless of business or private, determination is key when it comes to success. Setting goals fosters success because goals provide us with orientation and focus. We are your sparring partner and our focus, actions and insights are trained on doing good business, healthy growth and fostering a noticeably enhanced quality of life, not only for the future but in the here and now.

  • Authenticity And Appeal

    Authentic people make no secret of their plans. Our intentions: Enhanced quality of life through bringing numbers to life. This requires honest and sincere communication beyond the spoken word. Our focus is to always greet people with a smile, to praise and to give constructive feedback, as well as to be able to ask for help, sharing knowledge and providing a solution- oriented approach. Authenticity does indeed sometimes require courage: Talking about your own needs openly and honestly with us as your sparring partner is not easy but it strengthens mutual confidence and contributes to higher levels of satisfaction and stability, which brings us back to enhanced quality of life and closes the circle.

  • Dedication And Action

    Being dedicated and showing dedication is a matter of course for us. Because if there is one thing we are sure of (apart from tax affairs) is that committed, dedicated and highly qualified employees and partners equals enthusiastic clients!

  • Usefulness and Usability

    Usefulness refers to the technical side of your figures, whereas usability refers to your abilities in relation to dealing with these figures. It is important for us that usefulness and usability are in harmony, and that you can work with your figures with a good gut feeling.

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Our Tax Advisors

Zahn und Zahn Steuerberater Team Offenbach
  • Sven Schmunck

    Diploma in Business | Tax Consultant | Controller
  • Thomas Zahn

    Business Economist (College of Higher Education) | Tax Consultant
    Master of International Taxation (M.I.Tax)
    Managing Director
  • Carina Radomski

    M. Sc. | Tax Consultant | Controller

Our Working Ethos

The right information
The right quality
For the right person
At the soonest possible moment
For the best and most forward-looking

Everything fully digitalised and, above all, simple! We will work together with our minds and instinct, above all, while having fun!

Competence Breeds Trust!

We Are Zahn & Zahn

Zahn und Zahn Steuerberater Team Frankfurt am Main

Zahn & Zahn has three tax consultants: Carina Radomski, Sven Schmunck and Thomas Zahn. A well-qualified team of highly motivated team supports them. Together we will manage your case with a wealth of know-how and full commitment to finding the right solution.

Much more than a tax consultancy: We consider ourselves as part of your company and will provide you with holistic and individual support. Concretely: We link tax issues with business management advice and combine our comprehensive expertise with close cooperation in the spirit of partnership. In this way we can develop the most promising and cost-effective solution for you and with you.

To provide you with optimal support, we have expanded our business model from a classic tax consultancy to include business coaching and success reporting. We restructured our consultancy, acquired numerous additional training qualifications and prepared our team for new challenges. This enables us to advise, inform and coach you faster and more accurately as we can accompany you in attaining your professional and personal goals. This is our passion!

33 good reasons to choose Zahn & Zahn:

  • 1
    Because at the end of the day, it is the people who count.
  • 2
    Because your quality of life and your business is important.
  • 3
    Because foresight is better than hindsight.
  • 4
    Because you want to improve your personal and entrepreneurial skills.
  • 5
    Because your dry figures are our passion.
  • 6
    Because we breathe life into dull figures.
  • 7
    Because you want to be able to sleep well at night.
  • 8
    Because classic tax consulting alone wasn’t enough for us, so we expanded our business to include coaching and success reporting.
  • 9
    Because we and our highly esteemed staff of 20 are one big family.
  • 10
    Because we consider ourselves part of your team.
  • 11
    Because we believe in having fun in the office which ultimately trickles down to the customer.
  • 12
    Because we do things differently to other consultancies and are very successful.
  • 13
    Because we stand for German efficiency.
  • 14
    We dare to bare our teeth to the tax office!
  • 15
    Because you appreciate the most up-to-date information, coaching and consulting.
  • 16
    Because we stand for greatness in both human terms and in figures.
  • 17
    Because we always want to get to the bottom of everything.
  • 18
    Because a simplified exchange of digital data gives you more time for the more important things in life.
  • 19
    Because we understand how to harmonise numbers and gut feeling.
  • 20
    Because numbers at Zahn & Zahn can be easy too!
  • 21
    Because at Zahn & Zahn, the team spirit is palpable.
  • 22
    Because you want to achieve your professional and personal goals more easily.
  • 23
    Because you want to recognise trends before everyone else does and use them for your own personal growth.
  • 24
    Because we are ahead of the competition when it comes to competency and friendliness.
  • 25
    Because your financial stability should not just be down to coincidence.
  • 26
    Because your company should experience sustainable growth.
  • 27
    Because we don’t speak technical jargon either!
  • 28
    Because you want to make good decisions using your gut instinct.
  • 29
    Because good decisions become logical outcomes with the right tools.
  • 30
    Because you want a sparring partner who is on the same wavelength as you.
  • 31
    Because taxes can actually be fun!
  • 32
    Because we are actively reducing our paper consumption to do our bit for the environment.
  • 33
    Last but not least because you are still reading this!

We look forward to meeting you!

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