So much more than a tax consultancy

As a tax consultancy we take a holistic approach to our work.

We consider ourselves part of your company. Together we will create a basis for your financial success through entrepreneurial competence, creativity and innovative skills. See for yourself!

A higher quality of life through
bringing numbers to life!

Individual Success Reporting

Our added value proposition: Added value for you through Erfolgsreporting with our support all the way.

Doing good business and achieving high levels of personal growth

Achieving sustainable profits and enjoying satisfying levels of liquidity at all times

Enjoying security and protection for your business and private assets whilst noticeably increasing your quality of life

For your personal Success Reporting you can choose from five performance levels that build on each other from COMPACT up to COACHING. As an optional service we can jointly consider which services could benefit you. In this way we can compile a package precisely tailored to your requirements.

5C - Levels of success reporting

  • 1

    Success Report Coaching

    Focus: Development
    business coaching, annual business plan
  • 2

    Success Report Comfort

    Focus: Provision
    risk management, monthly risk map + report, rating
  • 3

    Success Report Control

    Focus: Future
    success, liquidity and balance sheet planning (incl. tax planning), accounts receivable management, order and stock levels
  • 4

    Success Report Classic

    Focus: Reality
    report at month end (balance sheet, income statement, individual financial bookkeeping and forecast), monthly presentation and consultation on your figures and situation
  • 5

    Success Report Compact

    Focus: Current
    Financial bookkeeping at month-end level, "correct" business evaluation declaration, contract management basis

Tax consultancy plus coaching: Individual goal attainment

Do you wish to increase your financial success whilst securing and optimising a good quality of life? We will support you in achieving this goal. When we were a traditional tax consultancy, It was not our line of business, therefore we expanded our business model to encompass business coaching and Erfolgsreporting. As your tax consultant we will ensure that your tax obligations are settled whilst protecting your liquidity from excessive tax expenses. As a business coach consultancy we consider it our task to support you in achieving your personal and business goals. As we are already familiar with the structure of your company, we can offer you tangible added value.

Monthly analysis – helping you to make the correct decisions

We can react to your requirements at the earliest possible time by means of a monthly needs analysis. Through regular coaching sessions with documentation and activity plans based on monthly interim financial statements to the same quality as an annual financial statement, we ensure that the correct information reaches the right person at the right time and in a suitable quality. This is the only way for this person to make optimal (realistic) decisions – a prerequisite for good business.

Through pre-agreed fixed-rate fees and monthly payment methods as opposed to a complicated remuneration structure and high one-off payments for annual financial statements and tax returns, we all benefit form transparency and security.

Business Coaching

Everything in life depends on your mindset! This applies both to companies as well as their staff. If one or even both sides do not have the same mindset, it can have a huge impact on the success of the company.

Our business coaching will support you in achieving success in your business and attaining the right mindset which will help you to optimise your financial success. What is the definition of success? The degree and the method of goal achievement, as goals are future results and ideal states which do not improve gradually but are achieved in a way that fosters trust, increases benefit for the customers and increases the life quality of all parties involved.

As an entrepreneur you will want to increase your financial success and improve and secure your quality of life. This is achieved through improving your entrepneurial and personal skills, your productivity levels and the profitability of your company. We are at your side!

Increasing your financial success and improving your quality of life

We expanded our business model to include business coaching and Erfolgsreporting because as a traditional tax consultancy these services were not possible. In this way we can now support you in achieving your goals in an optimal way. We re-structured our consultancy and our team to meet the new challenges and to be able to advise and coach you faster and more realistically... to enable you to reach your professional and private goals more easily.

One-to-one coaching for you or your team

In addition to business coaching we can offer you, as a business owner, workshops for your staff. Our group coaching focusses on understanding each other and improving your relationship to the customer whilst achieving the right mindset, as, above all, the role of communication is still often very much under-estimated.

Potential coaching topics can include:

  • The 4C model
  • Communication training on a 1-1 or group basis
  • Energy diagnoses and process analyses
  • The 7 life columns
  • And much more: We will customize the topics to meet your individual requirements

Ask us! We are happy to advise you!

Fully digitalised with heart and mind!

Digitalising Your Business

The lever arch file has now beem consigned to the past. Today tax consultancy is 100% digital! The advantages for you as a business owner are numerous: Resource, cost and time savings which all give you room to concentrate on your core business.

Persionio zertifizierter Partner Digitale Kanzlei

Digital bookkeeping and payroll accounting with DATEV Unternehmen Online

Take the opportunity to digitalise your bookkeeping and payroll accounting with DATEV Online. DATEV Unternehmen Online helps you to be more efficient and simplifies collaboration with your tax advisor.

Bookkeeping – the added value and benefits for you:

  • You have a complete, digital and audit-proof document archive in one of the most secure data centres in Germany – DATEV.
  • All original receipts remain at your disposal in-house and never leave your premises again.
  • The search for suppliers, customers and figures is enabled at every time and without any extra effort required.
  • An overview of open and paid invoices at all times.
  • Settle your invoices conveniently online.
  • Round the clock access to your documentation even when you are not in the office.
  • Your financial accounts are prepared promptly and analyses are available shortly after the month end.

Click here to see an example of how DATEV registered companies can digitally exchange receipts with your tax consultant.

Payroll (wage) and payroll (salary) accounting – the added value and benefits for you:

  • Your core and transactional data are entered online.
  • Your invoices and notifications are created in a legally secure and timely manner.
  • Your digital documents are securely archived – you receive an audit-proof archive for your personnel files.
  • Payroll accounting and statistical analyses are at your disposal at all times and at any location for viewing and duplication.
  • Secure transfer of employee data in adherence to data protection regulations.

Click here to see how DATEV can help you to digitialise and optimise your payroll accounting.

SCAN FOR YOU – we will digitalise your bookkeeping for you!

Of course, you can scan all your documents individually and send them to us digitally, however we are happy to take on this task for you! With our "Scan For You" service we will digitalise your bookkeeping.
You bring your lever-arch folder to us at the consultancy, have a coffee with us and chat about the latest news with your bookkeeper. In the meantime, we will scan your bookkeeping data and transfer it to DATEV Unternehmen Online or to Candis.

Helping hand: Your receipts are available to you at any time you require them in a revision-proof form.

Digitalising has never been easier! See for yourself!

Do you have any questions on the digitalization of your company? We are happy to advise you in a face-to-face consultation!

Because with Zahn & Zahn figures can be so simple!

Classic Services

Of course, we also offer classic tax consultancy services. Whether year-end financial statements and financial accounting or on everything to do with the topic of wages and salaries, law, consulting and trusteeship – we are happy to support you in all matters tax.

  • The best things come to those who wait. So that the year end is a happy end!

    You know the situation: At the end of the year you have to take stock and things get hectic. We will take on all the tasks associated with the annual accounts for you.

  • We keep exact records so nothing gets lost. Guaranteed.

    Big companies have the budget for their own accounting departments. You – not (yet)? We will take over all bookkeeping tasks using the most modern EDP applications in the most cost-efficient way for you.

  • Salary and wage remuneration – everyone gets what they earn!

    We are happy to support you in all matters related to wage and salary remuneration from wage and salary bookkeeping to tax returns and contribution statements. We will always strive to get the best for you!

  • Ask us! We know the way!

    Running your own company means, above all, making good decisions. We will share our experience and expertise with you and will walk you through all phases or your company history with the right advice.

  • In safe hands with us. We will always act in your interests.

    In our long company history we have our most important chapter behind us – gaining the trust or our customers. Trust in our competent and qualified staff on the topic of trusteeships.

Law and Lawyers

Gerald Burkard, lawyer and arbitrator at the conciliation office of the Bar Frankfurt am Main in collaboration with Zahn & Zahn Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.

I specialize in the following areas:

  • Contract law
  • Individual labour law
  • Criminal law
  • Civil service law
  • Disciplinary law
  • General civil law
  • Traffic law
  • Inheritance law

How can I help you?

Telephone +49 6108/9019-0
Fax +49 6108/9019-49


I was admitted to the bar in 1996 and appointed arbitrator of the conciliation office of the Frankfurt am Main Bar Association in 2002. I was employed from 1995 to 2005 as a lecturer at the Administrative University in Wiesbaden, Department of Police to lecture on criminal and criminal procedural law and public service law (civil service law.) I also lectured introductory working groups in legal training for the Darmstadt Regional Council from 1996 to 2004.

Gerald Burkard

Gerald Burkard

Solicitor and arbitrator in collaboration with Zahn & Zahn)

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