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Optimistic About The Future? We are seeking genuinely happy, friendly and proactive people who are polite, with an appetite to learn! Wir sind ein Unternehmen das nicht nur durch seine Mitarbeiter lebt sondern auch für – und dafür tun wir viel. Es gibt nichts Wichtigeres für uns als ein gutes Team und so. Das muss hier im Text voll zu spüren sein. Da steckt Liebe drin, aber sehen sie selbst.

Wir suchen Von-Herzen-Lächler, freundliche Zuvorkommer, Höflichkeitsenthusiasten und Noch-was-Lernen-Woller.*

*Candidates with professional experience in a tax consulting profession and proficient DATEV-knowledge are preferred. ;-)
Von Berufswegen sind Sie:
  • Assistant Tax Consultant (Male/Female/X)

  • Tax Specialist (Male/Female/X)

Our Offer: We are a mid-sized tax consultancy whose key areas of expertise lie in supporting mid-sized companies, in particular LTDs.

We can make you a good offer with a great working atmosphere in a modern environment. You can expect performance-related pay, great colleagues and good opportunities for development.

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über uns?

Vorname Nachname der Trainerin und was sie mit Zahn und Zahn zu tun hat. Kurzer Text der die Trainerin vorstellt und etwas über ihren Ansatz und ihre Ansätze und Ideen erzählt und evtl schon einen ersten Vorgeschmack auf den Film und das sie Euch in diesem Interview natürlich lobt und sich sehr freut, Euch auch zukünftig auf diesem spannenden Weg begleiten zu dürfen. Wow.

Der text darf gerne etwas länger sein als das Video und der Link darunter ;-)

Mehr erfahren? Unter folgendem Link erfahren Sie noch mehr über die Trainerei mit dem Namen Trainerei.


Und was sagen unsere Mitarbeiter?

  • Number 1 of 17 reasons to work for us!

    50 Years' Experience.

    We are proud of our 50 years' standing and celebrated our jubilee accordingly. Several staff at Zahn & Zahn have been with us for years..

  • Number 2 of 17 reasons to work for us!

    Team oriented.

    Our collaboration is shaped by collegiality, mutual respect and appreciation. We see ourselves as a team and encourage teamwork in everything we do. We are, however, aware that there are tasks, which can be tackled more effectively and efficiently by certain individuals. As a team we take personal interests into account and expect each individual to consider the interests of the team..

  • Number 3 of 17 reasons to work for us!

    One for all.

    Whether it's pressure at work or internal coaching we are there for each other and live by the motto the "All for one"..

  • Number 4 of 17 reasons to work for us!


    We strive to maintain an open, friendly relationship with each other. With our jointly created mission statement we have created a foundation which all colleagues endorse through voluntary self-commitment..

  • Number 5 of 17 reasons to work for us!

    Fun at the workplace.

    Fun is a key word at Zahn & Zahn, especially during our internal workshops and on our company outings where much laughter can be heard!.

  • Number 6 of 17 reasons to work for us!

    Great Boss.

    Mr Zahn is a very innovative boss who cares about customers and staff alike. We are all just as challenged as we are encouraged. The teamwork at Zahn & Zahn is open and honest with high emphasis on supporting each individual staff member in their personal development..

  • Number 7 of 17 reasons to work for us!


    Further development is a priority for our boss. To enable us to stay up to date we frequently take part in seminars on topics relevant for us, including online training. We also get the opportunity to take part in internal workshops on all types of topics where everybody can build on and expand their strengths and knowledge..

  • Number 8 of 17 reasons to work for us!


    Flexibility is not a one-way street here. Both we, the staff and our boss do our best to be there for our customers and for each other when there are bottlenecks or unusual events to deal with..

  • Number 9 of 17 reasons to work for us!


    Our daily morning meetings and our weekly planning arm us with the information needed for our week. Information is passed on directly this way and can be processed more easily. Furthermore, we record the contact history for every client so that nothing gets lost..

  • Number 10 of 17 reasons to work for us!


    Or internal organisation is very well planned and thought out. New colleagues rate our "employee welcome folder" with its several explanations and internal checklists as very helpful. Our internal QM system is constantly being monitored, updated and further developed. We employees also have a say in this process and can make an appropriate contribution..

  • Number 11 of 17 reasons to work for us!


    All the technical infrastructure we need to do our job is provided for us. The use of a Datev ASP solution and the range of all Datev programs makes our daily work easier. We also very much appreciate our two-screen solution for digital processing. For the sake of the environment, we are consistently endeavouring to reduce our paper use..

  • Number 12 of 17 reasons to work for us!

    The „Feel-Good“ Factor.

    We appreciate each other as colleagues very much. Through regular in-house assessments, anonymous employee surveys and our annual employee review our working environment is constantly being improved..

  • Number 13 of 17 reasons to work for us!


    Our offices are bright and modernly furnished as well as up to date in terms of technological standards. Everyone can kit out their desk as they like with their own personal items..

  • Number 14 of 17 reasons to work for us!

    Automatic Coffee Machines.

    Only last year two fully automatic coffee machines were installed in the office so that everyone can enjoy the "fuel" of the modern office even more!.

  • Number 15 of 17 reasons to work for us!


    We appreciate our flexi-time system with its various working time models. It promotes a family environment..

  • Number 16 of 17 reasons to work for us!

    Weekly Market.

    All kinds of fresh delicacies are available at our weekly market in the immediate vicinity. Right in front of the door to the office..

  • Number 17 of 17 reasons to work for us!

    Our Customers.

    We manage customers from every walk of life – all types of business structure and customers from several different sectors are represented by Zahn & Zahn. We are passionately committed to our customers and maintain an open and friendly relationship with each other..

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